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Pictures of Tower Bridge during construction


What do we learn from this article?

Either use film (black and white) or print/have your b/w images printed on archival paper.

My guess: No digital file will survive such a long time under a bed 🙂


10 inspiring mini documentaries for the analog photographer


Some wonderful documentaries about analog photography:

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Kodak is back again and will continue film


Kodak is back! And it will continue to produce film:


Kodak will continue to produce (profitable) film


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Today I could read that Kodak made a statement to continue the production of (profitable) film. Though we learned last week that Kodak USA bellied up (buzzword: chapter 11), the branches in other countries remained uneffected.

However, January 20th, 2012 Kodak  marketing director Audrey Jonckheer made following statement:

Film (still and cinema) remains a profitable business for Kodak, and we have the broadest and most respected portfolio of films in both segments. We have taken steps to sustain the business as it has declined, and we know that there are hundreds of passionate fans of film for the artistic and quality reasons they cite. We remain committed to make film as long as there is profitable demand for it. And as I noted, it is still profitable.

Read more about it here.

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An interesting article about ‘The Kodak Lie’ has been published by CNN/Fortune here.


The future of analog photography


‘Analog photography is dead’.

I’ve often read this statement in several – mostly digital shooter – forums. Fact is, that analog or film based photograph had to face a decline over the past decade, but it is still alive. Just visit (English), rangefinderforum (English), aphog (German), VFDKV (German), (English), choosefilm (English) and many other forums around the globe, and you get an idea that there are many film shooters.

Just yesterday I’ve talked to Fuji EuroColor Gera, the largest lab in Europe, which processes negative film (C41), slide film (E6) and traditional black and white film. Their machines are still running at the same speed for 2 years now. When I asked them how they see the future development or if they could imagine and end of film, the answer was: Come back in 5 years and ask the same questions again.

Fuji made some 200 million Euro sales with film last year, Kodak considerably more. Film for photography, not for the motion picture industry.

Anyway, film will be around for a very long time and fill niches, which will turn into profitable enterprises. It’s like with fine arts: some modern paintings with modern paints generate higher prices than any other painting ever before. It is a huge market which had not been killed by the invention of photography.

Truth is, that millions of digital shooters will churn out more images than ever before. But quality images are a rare species among these masses. Sports and event shooters, magazine and editorial shooters will continue with digital, because the quality is sufficient for these media. But there are many more viable fields where photography with another medium will be present and even improved. Architecture, interior, documentation, adventure, travel, landscape, art – you name it.

Analog photography will be photography – just made with a different medium.

Analog photography is alive!

Read the Kodak statement about the future of film


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