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Today I wanted to see how the new car of my friend Ralf looks like. It’s an old Volkswagen T4 with a 5 cylinder Diesel engine, long version. I entered the search string in google chrome and clicked the first result: Wikipedia (German). Scrolled down and noticed a pop-in banner, where Wikimedia – the supportive fund raising organization for Wikipedia in Germany – asked for a donation.


I thought: Hey, good idea, why not. Wikipedia is absolutely ad free (though I don’t see any ads anymore since I had installed Glimmerblocker), and independent, without any political, religious or financial interest. Always at my fingertips when I need some information, unbiased and with a hard to beat in-depth information.

So I donated. I want to support the freedom of information. It’s worth it!

Your donation is welcome too – in German, click here, in English, click here.

Thank you for your support!