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all you need is: ideas


All you need is ideas. Really, I mean it. When I am conducting my researches about companies (currently in Germany and Spain), I read a lot about marketing, branding, public relations. IMHO more than 80% is just hot air. It appears to me that someone is blocking good ideas in today’s offices (the ‘evil’ bean counters? <grin>).

Just one example: in the solar industry managers and decision makers hire expensive agencies to talk about branding. The result? Check it yourself by using google for some of the companies. Except for different logos, presentations, communication strategies, what’s the catch? What the heck are they doing with their products? What makes the product ‘solar panel’ unique?

I have several fantastic ideas in my drawer for you. Are you ready to go? Let’s talk at +49-157-876-200-88. Talk in my sense of business means: I don’t disclose any ideas unless I have a downpayment and irrevocable contract in my hands. Fair play and I deliver ideas for a better future. Contact me for a fruitful conversation.

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