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Speeding up OS X Snow Leopard



Just recently I’ve discovered that my iMac slowed down a bit, particularly after installing Thunderbird for Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Thunderbird seemed to load for ages <sigh>. Next coincidence was a messed up font. Uh, that needed to be fixed soon.

Step 1: Start FontBook, select ‘All Fonts’ in the left column, place your cursor into the right column and ⌘ + A (for ‘select all’).

Step 2: Right Click over the selected fonts, select ‘Validate’. The validator starts running, and depending on the number of fonts you have installed, it returns a message after a minute (or five…). If everything is ok, you can close FontBook. If you get an error message, select the drop down menu in the top left area and select ‘Errors and Warnings’.

Step 3: Only the faulty fonts or duplicates will be displayed.

Step 4: Select all and click REMOVE. They will be moved to the system trash.

Close FontBook.

Well, this alone won’t speed up your Mac, but the next part will definitely do the trick.

Go to Onyx and download Onyx. It is a free utility which automatically unpacks from the archive. Drag the Onyx app into your application folder and start Onyx.

It will notify you that it will check the S.M.A.R.T status of your hard drive(s). Click OK.

In the next step it will notify you that it will check the volume structure. If you have time, click OK, if not (recommended), click CANCEL.

Now Onyx will ask for your admin password. Without admin password it will not perform the other checks!

Select the two brushes for ‘Cleaning’. Once there, click the ‘Fonts’ tab. Check all check boxes and hit the button ‘Execute’. Onyx will now close all open apps and start the process. After finishing, it will ask you to reboot. Don’t do this, click CANCEL and close Onyx. Now log out and log in again.

Some apps while take a while opening, but only the very first time. And voilà, your Mac is considerably faster now.

One additional benefit – at least on my iMac: the erroneously jumping cursor terminated its lunatic movements across the screen. What a relief!