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Geez, just by coincidence I stumbled into a new extension for Safari: Ghostery.

Navigate to , go to ‘Security’ in the left hand menu, scroll down to Ghostery and click ‘Install’. After a few seconds it’ll be installed and will walk you through the options. Make sure to activate all trackers (the check box on the top left above the list), and the uncheck the boxes for wordpress counter and statcounter if you should be running a wordpress blog.

I’ve set the visibility to 5 seconds in the top right corner of Safari, just to make sure it didn’t miss a tracker.

This tiny utility is really incredible. Because you don’t have to wait for the site you visit to connect to the tracker server, the pages just pop into your browser. Safari is running as if on steroids after the ‘treatment’ 🙂

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to keep off the nosy trackers and advertisers


How to block sniffers


OK, it’s time to block the impertinent sniffers like google analytics. But how? Download a plug-in from google for your browser? I wouldn’t trust anything from google…

Here we go:

On the Mac open Macintosh HD, open the folder ‘private’, then the folder ‘etc’, then open the file ‘hosts’ with a plain text editor and add following line:

Save the file as a plain and simple text file without any extension.

On Windoze, search for the file ‘hosts’ and repeat the above described steps.

Simple? You bet!