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anti virus for mac OS X


anti virus for mac os x – snow leopard

Of course you don’t need an anti virus software for your Mac. However, if you should collaborate with others (that means Windoze users), an antivirus engine comes in handy to protect your team members.

Just imagine you receive a mail with an attachment, which you read and forward. It might be virus infested, and the others might blame you for sending them a ‘big surprise’.

On the Mac you don’t even notice the virus or trojan 😉

Just steer to ClamXav and download the file to install it. It’s simple. During the installation the installer might download additional modules, which is just a matter of seconds.

Move the application to your applications folder and run it. Now you can configure ClamXav and ClamXav Sentry. Just tell ClamXav in the preference / general pane that you want it to scan your incoming e-mail, your download and your mail download folder.

Click the tab ‘Sentry’ and set up ClamXav Sentry to monitor the folders where you usually transfer downloads to, as well as your mail folders (usually they reside in the ~user/library/mail/mailboxes if you use Mac Mail, and if you use Thunderbird they are located in the ~user/library/Thunderbird/Profiles/XXX.default/Mail/  (if you have more than one mail account, you’ll find several mailboxes here). Tell the pref pane to start ClamXav Sentry on boot. Now comes the trick: Start ClamXav Sentry by going to the menu at the top of your screen, then click ‘Start ClamXav Sentry’. Done.

The ClamXav Sentry Menu in the Menu Bar of your Mac:

From now on it will monitor your mails and remove everything that contains a virus or trojan, and you’ll stay out of troubled water.

ClamXav and ClamXav Sentry don’t use much resources…

Finally, you can check if ClamXav and ClamXav Sentry do their job:

Right click on your desktop and click on new then click on text document, (it does not matter what you name it).
Copy the code below in the text document (has to all be on one line to work).



Once you have done that click file and then click save.
Your virus scanner should pick it up as soon as you save it but if not right click on the text document and click scan for viruses or something like that.
This is **not** a real virus! it is just to check that your virus scanner is working.

One more step you can do: send yourself an e-mail with the new file as an attachment. ClamXav Sentry will immediately detect the virus or trojan signature (even if it is double wrapped in a zip file!) and move it to the trash can.

ClamXav might not be the fastest engine you can get, but it is extremely reliable and will detect viruses other programs just miss out…

Great stuff? You bet!

Update! 2011-03-24

I’ve just discovered a web site, where you can download ready made test files to a watched folder: EICAR

Just scroll down the page and read the ‘important note’.