Large Format Photography – Pros and Cons


Ebony SV45TE – a dream of a LF camera, made of ebony wood and solid titanium

image curtesy of ebonycameras.com

You consider to discover the world of large format photography, and now you are desperately looking for some help and information. Hm, sounds great, and sounds like the same adventure any LF photographer went through.

I’ll write some stuff about LF photography over the next weeks (or months), and include some links to interesting sites on the net. Don’t expect to see some recommendations about books here, because I really don’t know which one to list here. I guess the list of books about LF photography is pretty long, but not as long as the ‘How to’ books for the digital cameras for nobrainers.


Let’s start with a PDF:



These two articles cover the basics about LF photography. If they should fire up your enthusiasm, I really urge you to read this:


It’ll set you back a bit in case you need a cold shower, just because you thought LF is ‘cool’ and ‘hip’.

More links with more information:





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