Pixelated Icons


From time to time it happens, that icons in the dock turn blurry or pixelated:

Until today I couldn’t find an elegant solution during my extensive research. Some users recommended to reboot (really reboot a Mac?), or to use Onyx to clear all user caches and restart.

Hell, it is easier by removing the file ~users/username/Library/Preferences/com.apple.dock.plist and just log out and login again.

I guess this is currently the most elegant way to remove the icon pixelation and will keep your precious uptime unchanged! 😉

Sometimes the icons become pixelated after you have updated a software. I don’t know the reason for this behavior, but may be an internal pointer shows to an ‘old’ location. Anyway, if you remove the pixelated icon by right clicking it -> Options -> Remove from Dock and then use the top menu in finder -> Go -> Applications and double click the application to restart it, the icon appears in the dock where you can right click it -> Options -> Keep in Dock. For some applications this procedure really does the trick.

If you have another trick, I’d appreciate if you would share it with me.