solar energy


What I’ve said about shooting for wind energy applies as well for solar energy. In Spain most of the solar energy parks are located in hidden areas, far away from paved roads, without any signs to guide you. Well, you might say: Use maps.google.com, but no, almost all solar plants and wind parks are retouched, so you don’t have the slightest chance to spot them [ security reasons? ]. Either somebody will supply the GPS data or you’ll be pretty much lost in a wide open space somewhere in Andalucía. It’s always a good idea to fill up the petrol before you’ll steer off the road.

Besides a pretty good planning and organization of the shooting day you need a very versatile equipment to master the project(s). In most cases I use my Arca Swiss, Plaubel 69w ProShift Superwide, the Fuji GW 690 III and the Fuji GSW 690 III for the best image quality the customer’s money can get.

[ distance to the panel less than one meter or 3 feet ]

— photograph © 1999-2010 by jens g.r. benthien —

[ Early evening, the moon is already above the horizon. In the background the Sierra Nevada ]

— photograph © 1999-2010 by jens g.r. benthien —

As always there are more images on my server. Or contact me if you need more samples. Thank you!