how to kill web advertising


So you are another human who is annoyed by the pesky Flash banners, pop-overs, screaming and blinking ads? And you are fed up by the long loading times of web pages? Tired of waiting for the content you are looking for, because loading the ads takes up to 10 times as long as loading the content?

Glimmerblocker for Mac OS X   Proxomitron for Windows

AdBlock for Safari

Stop the desperation, I have reliable solutions. The first one — for the Mac — is ‘GlimmerBlocker‘, the second one — for the PC — is ‘Proxomitron‘. [ If you are looking for a localized version, i.e. German, just check their sites or google for it . One German site is located here]. Both are free, though the author of GlimmerBlocker really deserves a donation for this fantastic software (the author of Proxomitron unfortunately left this world several years ago).

Installation and set up is a breeze. GlimmerBlocker integrates into the Mac OS X ‘System Preference Panel’. Check out the site and look for filters you can subscribe to — they are really great stuff. Though GlimmerBlocker already comes with an excellent set of filter rules, the separate subscription filters are worth the extra effort.

In addition to the standard subscriptions I have collected and defined hundreds of additional filters and rules. Currently I am 100% ad free, without pop-ups, pop-unders, blinkers, Flash, etc. while cruising the net with Safari. I know, if you use Opera or Firefox, you can define built-in ad blockers. However, GlimmerBlocker and Proxomitron are based on a proxy, that means the ad code is blocked before it will even hit your browser. Your extra benefit: you can use **any** browser, set up the proxy port specified by the blocker, and enjoy an ad free life. No need to export/import/convert the filter list – GlimmerBlocker and Proxomitron work system wide. If you use Little Snitch, GlimmerBlocker has a very good documentation on how to manage GlimmerBlocker to work with Little Snitch.

[ Update 2011-07-21 ]

If GlimmerBlocker will have problems to filter out ads, it’s because more and more nobrainers code the ads into ‘https’ links. Because GlimmerBlocker uses https for the filters, it can’t block them. But there is a solution, as long as you are using Safari or Chrome: AdBlock for Safari. It’s a fast download via the extensions menu for Safari. After installation, just right click and at the bottom of the pop up menu you can open up the dialog. AdBlock helped me to get rid of those pesky Flash ads. I really hate flickering stuff in my view! Thanks to GlimmerBlocker plus AdBlock I have fast loading and ad free web pages.

Just two samples on how nice ad free sites can look:

cnn.com — ad free

chip.de — one of the most ad infested web sites in Germany — ad free

xing.com – no more Flash ads thanks to AdBlocker